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 The Afro-Caribbean step Master Class / Workshop is designed to blend fitness with an exciting style while introducing a new culture. Through individual creativity, this class may combine choreography to fit an aerobic as well as a step/bench workout. Any instructor taking this workshop should be able to take away a few extra moves or approaches to movement, perhaps revitalizing parts of his or her classes. In the workshop, the participants are taken through general movements from African dance classes on the floor and then transferred to the step. The flow and feel of each movement is broken down. Handouts on language translation plus a descriptive list identifying the specific choreographed movements are provided.

The master class is continuous and aerobic without too much emphasis on movement breakdown. Focus is placed on cardiovascular goals and controlled movements that effect various under used parts of the body. Since there are two different workouts (cardio on the step and cardio on the floor),

African style movement blends to create floor or step combinations. Call and response inherent to African culture is often incorporated into vocal articulation and movement. Each class uses live percussion music, which provides a foundational driving force as each participant is led through an exercise, which increases mind - body coordination. This exercise asks for "echoed" behavior while the mind and eye prepares for the next movement to be "echoed" (instructor and participant are never on the same movement). The excitement of the music and energy of movement immerse the participant into dance and inadvertently, cardiovascular goals are met.